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Office of Patient Oriented Research Advances Goals


Data manager, Nicole Matthews and Scott Simon, M.D., assistant professor of neurosurgery

Data manager, Nicole Matthews shares information with Scott Simon, M.D., assistant professor of neurosurgery

Penn State Hershey Neuroscience Institute is home to the Office of Patient Oriented Research (OPOR), which facilitates neurological human trials research. Director, John Graybeal, explains that the OPOR acts as more than just an industry-sponsored clinical trials office, but also makes it possible for physicians to conduct translational research on existing data, with a focus on stroke, cerebrovascular disorders, and tumors of the central nervous system. The unique funding ratio of the OPOR—40 percent from industry, 40 percent from government, and 20 percent from within the department itself—is one key component of this ongoing work.

Robert Harbaugh, M.D., director of the Neuroscience Institute, elaborates: “The OPOR has facilitated substantial growth of multidisciplinary clinical trials in the treatment of cerebrovascular disease and brain tumors at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. The goals of the Neuroscience Institute, to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and support bench to bedside and bedside to bench translational research, are greatly enhanced by the work of OPOR.” Continue reading

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